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New Gift Shop

  • Tuesday, June 06, 2023 3:00 PM
    Message # 13211532

    Hello all! I have recently taken on a new role as Director of Volunteer Services at our facility and have also been tasked with launching the gift shop.

    I am looking for any guidance the group might have on different wholesale retailers you use for things such as blankets, insulated lunch coolers, large stainless steel insulated mugs, phone chargers, bags with hospital logo, playing cards, chapsticks, neck pillows, ear plugs, as well as other gift and comfort ideas. I would like to have nice items, but not necessarily $50 insulated mugs. We are a relatively small facility (164 bed) with a staff of around 300. Do any of you offer employee discounts in your gift shop?

    We will also be instituting payroll deduct for the first time, so any advice on how your facility has this setup would be great! As well as the POS systems you use. I have approval from the CEO to create a part-time position for this. Do any of you have a paid employee in the gift shop or do you use strictly volunteers? Thank you in advance for any help!

  • Sunday, July 02, 2023 11:59 PM
    Reply # 13222893 on 13211532
    Tracy Mcdougal, CAVS (Administrator)

    Hello Summer.  I manage the Hospital Gift Shop at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL.  The POS System that we currently use is ARBA.  I work with numerous vendors, however, I suggest you start with Kellis’ Gifts.  This wholesale company carries all of the products that you mentioned.  I have three part-time employees, and volunteers support us on a daily basis as well.  

    Kind Regards,

    Tracy Mcdougal

    Last modified: Monday, July 03, 2023 12:01 AM | Tracy Mcdougal, CAVS (Administrator)
  • Tuesday, July 25, 2023 1:19 PM
    Reply # 13232093 on 13211532

    Thank you so much! That site is perfect! 

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