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We would love for you to Connect with Us. Follow us on any of the platforms below. Instructions on how to join our Google Groups and Wild Apricot platforms are also located below. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Our members have several ways by which to communicate and ask questions of each other.

1. Download the Wild Apricot member app to your iphone or android.  Log in with your member user name and password.

2.  Click on Forums in the menu at the top of our page:

Users of our Forums have discovered quick answers to a myriad of questions related to our positions.  This is an invaluable resource and a proven time management tool to aid in fact finding and decision making.  Who better to ask than a peer?

3.  Join our google group:

send an email to:

You will receive an email asking you to confirm your request to join the group.  DO NOT click the blue button labeled "Join This Group".  INSTEAD, simply reply to the email.  You will then need to wait for the moderator to approve you request, and you will receive an email when the approval is processed.  In this email, you will see will a blue button labeled "Visit this group".  You can visit group to see past email conversations, but this is not necessary.

Once you have been approved by the group administrator, you will be able to ask questions via the email

Volunteer Management Resources:

Have Questions?

Contact us at

*For the best online experience, we recommend using Google Chrome. If you are using Google Chrome and are experiencing issues, please try accessing our website from a non-hospital computer. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us using the email address above. 

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