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Reinstating Volunteer Programs

  • Wednesday, May 27, 2020 11:27 AM
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    Deleted user

    Have any hospitals reinstated volunteer programs yet? When are you discussing volunteers/visitors returning to your facility? And, what protocols will you put in place for their safety? 

  • Friday, June 05, 2020 6:24 PM
    Reply # 9018170 on 8995661

    We started in May by sending a survey to both our volunteers and all the different departments to get a feeling for everyone's readiness to re-engage. 

    Then we used the information from the SHVL survey and a similar survey sent within our State - to get a feel of what others were thinking. 

    When we met with Senior Leadership we presented that data (presentation attached) and made a recommendation for a phased return.  From that meeting, the decision was  made by senior leadership to use both the data and our recommendation and the CDC guidelines to begin welcoming volunteers back.

    Below is an overview (brief) of the phases

    Outline of Volunteer Re-engagement Phases

    Volunteer Invitation

      ·         Using the CDC guidelines – so means will not invite volunteers 65 and older to return until phase 2 – no exceptions
      ·         Volunteers will make individual decision regarding their own situation and comfort – honor decision

    Department Invitation

      ·      Phases are based on decisions in conjunction with senior leadership and Infection Control
      ·         Position/area determines when will be ready to receive volunteers as long as is not sooner than Phase outlined


    Phase 1

    • ·         Begins June 15
    • ·         Inviting volunteers that are not considered at higher risk per CDC guidelines only
    • ·         Visitation Desk (visitation hours only)
    • ·         Volunteer Office
    • ·         Gift Shop
    • ·         Non-clinical facilities (Dolwick, SETEC, but not Thrift Shop)
    • ·         Guest Guides

    Phase 2

    • ·         Begins July 6
    • ·         Inviting all current volunteers, including those that are considered at higher risk per CDC guidelines
    • ·         Outpatient and clinical departments and services as the department allows (not inpatient)
    • ·         All Phase 1
    Phase 3
    • ·         Begins August 3
    • ·         Continue inviting all current volunteers, including those that are considered at higher risk per CDC guidelines
    • ·         Inpatient units and ICUs
    • ·         Emergency Department
    • ·         Surgery/PACU
    • ·         Hospice

    We made the decision that all Volunteers would need to complete a COVID training and sign the Training Answer Sheet/Consent Form prior to being re-activated. 

    I am attaching copies of all our letters/documents.  We are a pretty large program with 5 hospitals - so our communication is more formal and perhaps more complicated than others.  But I put it out there as an example - we all learn from each other!

    Attached are:

    1- The Data Presentation

    2- Return to Volunteer Phases - an Outline

    3-Return to Volunteer Memo to our Departments

    4-Letter to all our Volunteers

    5-CDC Guidelines

    6-Volunteer Phases - for those NOT at a higher risk

    7- Volunteer Phases - for ALL volunteers (inc those at higher risk)

    8-Our COVID training

    9- Our COVID Answer Sheet/Consent Form

    Hope some of this is helpful to others!

    Jenelen Dulemba, Erin Pittman, Margie Kuechler and Vicki Miller

    St. Elizabeth Healthcare - Northern Kentucky

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  • Monday, June 08, 2020 9:55 AM
    Reply # 9022635 on 8995661
    Deleted user

    Jenelen,  I appreciate all your hard work and you providing the research of what has transpired from surveys.  It helps to know how on track we are and also to make our own decisions based on our areas.  

    Currently our gift shop has been open 11 am to 1:30 pm M-F and is volunteer staffed only by those who consent to be here (2 vols and expanding in phases).  We recently sent an invite to surgical lounge volunteers to see if anyone was interested in assisting yet and most of them were August, some no reply and a few responded to come on their own.

    In looking at your data, 20% may not return which could go higher or lower.  We just received our new brochure that was recently updated and distributing that hopefully will help once we reinstate.

  • Tuesday, June 09, 2020 9:03 AM
    Reply # 9025064 on 8995661

    Thank you Jenelen for your information, I have been working on these steps also and your information is a great resource. I am meeting with senior management on Thursday to make my proposal. We have opened the Gift shop on May 18th, but it is staffed only by the gift shop manager and a hospital floater to cover lunch. The majority of our volunteers are begging to come back, but as with you, I am proposing those that are not high risk. Thanks again!

  • Wednesday, June 10, 2020 9:44 AM
    Reply # 9027851 on 8995661
    Deleted user

    Amazing information from an amazing SHVL leader.  Thank you, Jenelen!

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