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on-line application

  • Friday, March 23, 2012 1:58 PM
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    Deleted user

    Don't know if this is an issue for anyone else, but thought I would ask.  We advertise our volunteer openings through the volunteer opportunities section.  The online application is set to have the applicant select their top three assignment preferences.  These are not one and the same.

    In our targeted recruitment for volunteers we want to highlight specific needs we have - and they show as volunteer opportunities.  However on the application it pulls assignments for the applicant to select.  You can't make this listing be the same as opportunities if you have active volunteers in the assignment because the only way I see to not have all assignments show is to inactive the assignment.

    Volgistics has "added it to the list."  Wondered if anyone else had an issue with this?  It just makes the interview longer because you have to explain the possibility that none of the applicant's selections are available as openings at this particular time.

    Anyone got a suggestion for a workaround?



  • Tuesday, October 30, 2012 4:19 PM
    Reply # 1118936 on 866934

    I realize you may have an answer to this question by now... I haven't looked at the forum in a long time.

    Have you tried creating an Opportunity Directory in Setup and putting a link to it on your website. Then in Assignments you can check the Advertise box.  My understanding is that those that are checked are the only assignments that will be connected to the directory.  I'm hoping this is the case because my goal was to do this for our new website.

    I'd love to hear if anybody has tried this, and if it works the way I'm hoping.

  • Wednesday, October 31, 2012 10:28 AM
    Reply # 1119647 on 866934
    Deleted user
    Yes, you are correct in what you have written here.  However, when you advertise an assigment, you are also showing contact details and other details about the assignment that you might not want the general public to see.  My work around on this is was to create a place called Website.  Under website and the assigments I wanted to advertise, filled in the assignment description, made myself the contact on all of them.  I hope this makes sense but if not feel free to give me a call :)
  • Wednesday, October 31, 2012 2:14 PM
    Reply # 1119784 on 866934
    Deleted user

    My issue has been different.  I control the volunteer opportunities by what we advertise.  However at the current time when a new person files an online application, we have asked them to list their top three choices of volunteer assignments.  What shows on this drop down list is every assignment that is active.

    We don't always have openings in every active assignment and sometimes we are doing targeted marketing to only seek volunteers for particular positions. 

    I am wondering how to control that drop down list more.  Jamine, my guess is that you are probably not using the application this way and are probably showing exact openings for them to choose from.  We are moving in that direction since we start new volunteers every month during one week. 

    This will be more like applying for a job.  The person would apply for a specific volunteer placement, day and time.

    We will start in January having prospective volunteers to come in for an interview, sign paperwork for background check, do the drug screen, confirm a placement, take photo for ID and give the TB skin test.  Sort of one stop shopping.  Since we are downtown, many people like to limit their trips.

    On a related issue, do either of you have a feel about when most of your folks apply online?  I am seeing (not a scientific study) that we get the most applications between 9:00 and 10:30PM.  Maybe this would be a question to ask in the general forum.

  • Thursday, November 01, 2012 8:42 AM
    Reply # 1120252 on 866934
    Deleted user


    I AM asking the applicants to rank their preferences just like you are, but they are choosing from only my advertised assignments.  The reason all of your active assignments are appearing on your list is because of a selection you have made in your setup.

    What if I want to ask for Assignment preferences differently?

    The Assignment Preference field can be customized to reflect a number of different options. For example, you can select how many preference choices volunteers can make, whether or not they should be ranked, and whether or not they can select from all Assignments, active Assignments only or Advertised Assignments only. You can tailor the way the Assignment Preference field works like this:

    1. Choose Setup from the main menu.

    2. Click on Field Options.

    3. Click on Profile tab (for volunteers).

    4. Click on Assignment Preference.

    This opens the Field Properties page for the Assignment Preference field, where you'll find several options for controlling which assignments are listed and how many applicants can select.

  • Thursday, November 01, 2012 11:02 AM
    Reply # 1120366 on 866934
    Deleted user


    A thousand thank yousssss!!!!  I must admit my total mistake on this issue.  I never paid attention that the offer box was a drop down.  I thought it was all or active--and didn't see the advertised option.

    This has made the forum worth it to me....a solution when I was stumped. 

    Again, thank you.




  • Friday, November 02, 2012 9:15 AM
    Reply # 1121000 on 866934
    Deleted user

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